What is Event-based Marketing?

Event-based marketing is a digital marketing technique where customers receive personalised communications based on their behaviour, or lack of. It relies on the measuring of implicit and explicit interactions between the user and the product (a website or app). The key word here is ‘event’. An event is a record of a single instance of … Read moreWhat is Event-based Marketing?

Choosing a Marketing Framework

So, you’re trying to work out which marketing framework to use. Cool, there are three to choose from: SaaS, e-Commerce and High Consideration. Software as a Service (SaaS) – AARRR (colloquially called ‘Pirate Metrics’) This should be familiar for people who live in the startup world. It’s the go-to framework when thinking about consumer behaviour … Read moreChoosing a Marketing Framework

Articulating Your Core Value Proposition

Products solve problems for people. We employ products to do jobs. Underpinning every Growth Machine is a fundamental understanding of exactly how our product creates value for our customers. Until we understand this, nothing else will make sense to us or our customer. This article will help you articulate your core value proposition. To do … Read moreArticulating Your Core Value Proposition

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Tutorial

This article was written by Nathan Field and Jake Baker, two great people I had the privilege of mentoring in 2017. Although search algorithms are changing frequently, the underlying technology behind them does not. By taking the time to learn the technical aspects of search, you will develop digital marketing skills that survive any passing … Read moreSearch Engine Optimisation SEO Tutorial